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Online Literacy Activities
Online Literacy Activites

Activities from Read Write Think

**Word Maker**
Word Families

**Alphabet Organizer**

**Picture Match**
Beginning letter sounds, short and long vowels

**What's in the Bag?**

**Word Wizard**
A Making Words activity


 Activities from Sadlier-Oxford

**Long Vowel Sounds**

**High Frequency Words**

**Rhyming Words Memory Game**

**Name the Pictures Short Vowels**

**Name the Pictures Long Vowel Sounds A, I, O**

**High Frequency Words**
more difficult

**Long Vowels E and U**

**Name the Picture Long Vowel Sounds**

**R-Controlled Vowels**

**R-Controlled Words**

Beginning and ending consonant blends

**Beginning Digraphs**

**Final Digraphs"

**Vowel Digraphs**
Vowel digraphs such as oo, ea, au, aw, etc.

**Vowel Dipthongs ou and ow**

**Dipthongs oi, oy, and ew**

**Fly By Contractions**


Excellent alphabet activities, short and long vowels, books with activities, and much more

**Between the Lions Games**
Word play, vowels, word families, etc.

**BBC Words and Pictures**
Phonics and high frequency word activities

**Scholastic's Building Language for Literacy**
Word sorting and rhyming

**Clifford the Big Red Dog Interactive Storybooks**
Interactive storybooks and games

**Scholastic I Spy Games**

**Monster Hangman**

**School Express Word Finds**

**Little Animals Activity Centre Word Games**
Beginning and ending sounds and rhymes

**BBC Story Circle**
Many interactive stories (read with English accent)

**Little Animals Activity Centre Storybooks**

**Long and Short Vowel Mix & Match**

**Long Vowel/Silent E Word Search

**Phonics Word Builder **
Many, many games at all levels for
ABCs, long and short vowels, other vowel sounds,
beginning and ending sounds (including blends and digraphs)
--You do not need to register in order to play the games.-- Builder

**Phonics Endings Level 1**
Word families: ag, an, ap, ar, at, en, ate, all, ail, ub

**Phonics Endings Level 2**
Same word families as above

**Phonics Endings Level 3**
Same word families as above


Saxon Phonics and Spelling

**Phonics and Spelling Online Activities for Kindergarten**

**Phonics and Spelling Online Activities for Grade 1**

**Phonics and Spelling Online Activities for Grade 2**

**Phonics and Spellling Online Activities for Grade 3**


Games from Primary Games

Practice writing upper and lowercase letters and numbers (mouse skills)

**Treasure Trove**

**See 'N Spell**
Spell words: short vowels, long vowels, digraphs, blends, plurals

**Squigly's Apples**
Ordinal words

**Color Words Word Search**

**Months of the Year Word Search**

**Alphabet Zoo**
ABC order

**The Number Game**
Match numbers to number words

**Paw Park Alphabet Bears**
ABC Order

**Tina's World**
Real and Make-believe

**Paw Park Sassy Seals**
Match beginning sounds

**Alien Scavenger Hunt Letter Bugs**
Spell simple words

**Monkey Business**
Put words in order to make sentences

**Alien Scavenger Hunt Space Trash**
Spell words (more challenging)

AlphaBits for Kids
Six alphabet games

Look, Cover, Write, Check
Spell words

**Missing Letters of the Alphabet**
ABC Order

**Word Magnets**
Short and Long Vowels

**First Grade Mixed-up Sentences**

**Long Vowel Word Quiz**

**Same Vowel Word Quiz**

**Online Scrambles for K-2**

**Web Quizzes and Activities**

**Spelling Words ABC Order**
(Actually goes along with McGraw-Hill Grade 1 Book 5, but can be used by anyone for practicing ABC order.)

**Discovery School's Puzzlemaker**
Make your own word searches and other kinds of puzzles

Games & Websites

Fun Games To Play

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Spelling and Vocabulary



Fun Learning Games



Spelling / Phonics / Reading


Map Reading


Educational Videos/Games



A Variety of Activities


Skill Games




Skill Games




Map Math