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Kelly Sumners Staff Photo

This week... 

November 12-16


Phonics: Please review the letters, sounds, and how to write them every night with your child. Also, please have your child on time (tardy bell rings at 7:45) because we start SIPPS at 7:45 on the dot. 


Language Arts: The students will answer questions to understand a story better. We will discuss our stories that we read. We will continue to visualize stories to better understand and enjoy the story.


Math: Students will count to 100. TSW will count by 10’s and 5’s. We will introduce decomposing numbers 0-5 and finding numbers that make 5 when added.


 Writer’s Workshop: TSW hear and discuss good writing. We will generate ideas about feelings and we will share our partners thinking with the class. TSW tell ideas orally before writing them.  We will continue to practice using the word wall, writing the sounds we hear, and sentence structures.


**Please review all previously learned skills!