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This week... 


August 20th-24th


Phonics: We will focus on the letters Pp, Aa, Nn, Mm and Ii. Please practice identifying, writing and sounding out the letters in the alphabet every night.   

Language Arts: The students will hear and discuss a story.  The students will answer questions about key details in a text.  TSW make text to self-connections to enjoy and understand stories. TSW hear a story read aloud again.

Math: Students will write numbers 0-5.  Students will count orally to 10 and counting objects to 5 in lines, arrays, and circles while representing the objects with a number. Students will be introduced to comparing numbers to 5.


Writer’s Workshop: Students will hear and discuss a story while beginning to work with partners.  Students will begin working with partners and learn how to turn and talk to them. The students will also generate ideas and draw and write about fun things they can do with their families. We will also share our writing ideas. 


**Please review all previously learned skills!