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The Stages of Reading 

Stages of Reading       

There are some characteristics that are demonstrated by children as
they learn to read.  Educators have classified these into three
categories/stages.  They are EARLY READER, DEVELOPING READER, and FLUENT READER.  Below are characteristics for each stage.

1.  Uses pictures for clues
2.  Retells a simple story that was read to them
3.  Knows the names of the letters
4.  Recalls some details from the story
5.  Identifies consonant sounds at the beginning and ends of words
6.  Uses configuration as clue to identify words
7.  Reads one word at a time and it sounds choppy
8.  Selects simple, repetitious books
9.  Reads favorite books over and over
10. Silent sustained reading for 5-10 minutes
11. Has the desire to be a fluent reader
12. Enjoys retelling stories

1.  Can sequence events in a story
2.  Can tell the main idea
3.  Makes predictions
4.  Identifies main characters
5.  Identifies setting
6.  Differentiates between fact and fiction
7.  Identifies high frequency words
8.  Some awareness of medial vowel sounds
9.  Uses context clues
10. Begins to self correct
11. Understands the meaning of punctuation marks
12. Pauses and uses appropriate inflection for punctuation
13. Reads in meaningful phrases
14. Selects a variety of books
15. Sustained silent reading for 10-15 minutes
16. Begins to feel confident when reading silently or orally

1.  Recognizes plot of a story
2.  Recognizes problem and solution in a story
3.  Evaluates character's actions or behaviors
4.  Uses a variety of clues to decode unfamiliar words
5.  Identifies blends, digraphs, and dipthongs
6.  Applies vowel rules to sound out words
7.  Understands affixes
8.  Uses punctuation correctly
9.  Reads with expression
10. Reads smoothly
11. Selects a wide variety of books
12. Sustained silent reading for at least 20 minutes
13. Confident in their ability to read
14. Enjoys sharing favorite books
15. Enjoys challenges and they are not afraid to try to read something new
16. Selects reading during free time